Created in 2015

107.1 Kjack Radio Rebranding

Working three years as an assistant graphic designer for the station, I was able to take on the project of redesigning the Kjack branding and logo. Creating a completely new look for the station was truly a group effort as I had assembled a team of designers to help the re-branding process. The station asked for a new modern feel that is simplistic and used the schools colors. This lead to the decision of replicating the shape of the flagstaff mountains and making them appear like the sound frequency readers found in the equipment used by the radio personals.

Part of the re-branding project was the designing of company shirts that staff must wear during events as well as when in the radio booth. Collaborating with my team to come up with a shirt that any person can understand just by glancing at the back or the front of the shirt. Creating simple line illustrations of radio’s over the years to give off the message of a new modern radio station.

Branding/Logo Design

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