GreenThumb Instructions Pamphlet

Though I try, I can not keep a plant alive. I had my plant Casper (how ironic) for about 2 weeks before the little youngster past away. Being the concerned mother that I was, I hit the web. After much research and experience, I have learned that taking care of plants is HARD. This is where the idea of the GreenThumb was born. The GreenThumb takes a personal and humorous approach to gardening. To achieve the light heartedness of the GreenThumb, I use illustrations to connect with buyers by using the natural human emotions one goes through while taking care of a sick plant. The illustrations and font choices also introduce the concept of clean line work to get the user to trust the product. Being able to have a laugh but trusting full heartedly for this device to truly work.

Design by IAMLOLLY

Created in 2016

Pamphlet Design

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