Elle Spreads: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has truly taught me to think outside the box (flip it over if you have to), and to not be afraid of taking chances with art because passion will seep through to everyone’s eyes if you believe it is powerful enough to do so. As she has truly taught me many lessons I felt the need to repay her with such respect in return. Creating a magazine editorial looking back on Lady Gaga’s triumphs the years, musically and fashion oriented. Focusing on one of Lady Gaga’s primary rules: Never forget your foundation. I expressed this concept by taking one of the foundations of design, color, and using it to express her history. Using the fundamental prime colors yellow, blue and red to give the piece a kick as well as drawing attention to the contrasted black and white illustrations. As the colors move through the pages, so do the words. I used word placement to give the editorial emotion and power much like what Lady Gaga expresses in her music.

Design by IAMLOLLY

Created in 2015

Editorial Design

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